Samantha Yee was born in San Francisco, California, in a hospital room overlooking the Bay. Her dad jokingly called it a “womb with a view.” Sam’s mom was not impressed. When she was (unknowingly) pregnant with Sam, she went down a 35-foot water slide deep in the Hawaiian jungle. Sam inherited the best of both of them: his sense of humor, her sense of adventure, his simplicity and humility, her intelligence and confidence, and the love they have for God and each other.

Raised Catholic in the heart of Silicon Valley, Sam grew up around people who were determined to change the world. She was no different and spent many years honing her skills and collecting accolades for her resumé. By the time she was 13, her written work had been published in several local and national newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs, and poetry anthologies. In her academic and professional success, Sam lost her faith. Though her first words were (literally) “to the Lord,” she grew to hate the Catholic Church and stopped attending Mass.

Sam started college at UC Berkeley when she was 16, and for the first time in her life she struggled to get good grades in school. Her identity was, understandably, shaken. She had been told her whole life that she was smart and she had come to use that one thing to define herself. During the fall semester of her freshman year, she was diagnosed with clinical depression and it took her years to recover from it. Sam reverted back to the faith at 19 at a Steubenville conference and ultimately realized her true identity came from being a daughter of God, not from doing.
You can watch a mini-documentary by Catholic Woman about Sam here.

Since “coming home,” Sam has served as a youth minister, taught at a Catholic school, traveled around the country giving talks, used her writing and media skills for the Church, and entered the Dominican third order. In the summers of 2017 and 2018, Sam worked as a counselor at St. Therese’s Catholic Camp. There, she felt especially called to minister to the people of Alaska.

Sam began working as a parish missionary in August 2019 on the Queenship of Mary. On most days you can find her analyzing rom-coms, drinking several cups of Kaladi’s Red Goat, and spending time with the love of her life, Jesus, in the Eucharist.

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