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Celebrating Christmas

Christmas Family Activities

Observing Advent

Books of the Bible Trail
Books of the Bible Trail Map (PDF)
Session Plans 2.0 Books of the Bible (PDF)
The Books and Divisions of the Bible (PDF)
Divisions of the Bible (Worksheet)
What is the Bible (Worksheet)
Read the Bible in a Year Schedule (PDF)
Catholic Answers: Is the Bible a Catholic Book? (Link)
How to Pray with Scripture (Link)

Mass 101 Trail
Mass 101 Session Plans
Mass 101 Trail Map
On Keeping the Lord’s Day Holy (PDF) by Pope St. John Paul II
The Mass (USCCB link)
General Instruction of the Roman Missal (USCCB link)
The Order of Mass (USCCB link)

Catechist Formation Sessions
How to Pray (Link)
Various Types of Prayer (Link)
Examen Prayer (Link)

Catechist Information Session Resources: August 2nd
St. Pat’s Mission (PDF)
Unleash the Gospel – Pastoral Letter (PDF)