Paige was born in Irvine, California where she lived for twelve years until her family moved to Austin, Texas. Paige was baptized at St. Killian Catholic Church when she was one month old, she received the seal of The Holy Spirit through Confirmation when she was four-years-old, and received First Reconciliation & Communion at age eight. Paige is number six of seven kids, she has two incredible siblings-in-law, and seven adorable nieces and nephews. Paige would be nowhere without her unceasingly supportive father and mother, Hal and Lindsay Christensen. Paige along with her siblings were homeschooled and catechized by their mom and dad, but when they moved to Texas all of the kids were placed in public school for the very first time.

Paige did not grow up going to youth group, however after hearing about a Steubenville Youth Conference that her church was attending, she decided to take a leap and join the group. After spending four days in St. Louis, Missouri, Paige had a radical conversion of heart and decided she wanted to start living her life for The Lord. As she went into her senior year of high school she stopped underage drinking and began to attend her youth group more frequently.

Paige spent the summer of 2013 working at The Pines Catholic Camp in East, Texas and was exposed to the most authentic friendships she had ever had. It was there that she felt the true presence of Jesus in the Eucharist for the very first time. After that summer, Paige sought out a Catholic community at the University Catholic Center at The University of Texas in Austin (Hook ‘Em Horns). Paige joined a Catholic sorority (Mu Epsilon Theta), FOCUS (Fellowship of Catholic University Students), and was heavily involved in a retreat organization called Awakening. Through these organizations and receiving the Sacraments daily, Paige’s relationship with Christ and The Blessed Mother began to grow immensely.

After working at The Pines for a second summer, Paige heard about a small camp in Wasilla, Alaska called St. Therese’s Catholic Camp. The idea of spending a summer free from 110 degree weather sounded incredible. After an immense amount of discernment, Paige applied and was accepted to be a counselor at St. Therese’s. After spending the summer of 2015 in Alaska, Paige fell in love with the simplicity, beauty, and the people of the state. Also Kaladi Brothers, she fell in love with that too. After finishing school, Paige drove her car from Austin, Texas to Wasilla, Alaska in the summer of 2016. She worked that summer at St. Therese’s as their Communications Coordinator.

Come Fall 2016, Paige moved to Anchorage to work as a nanny and began volunteering with the high school youth group at St. Patrick’s Parish. After volunteering for almost a year, Paige was offered an internship at St. Patrick’s and started running the middle school program and the media for the parish. After interning for five months, on the feast day of Our Lady of Guadalupe, Paige was offered a full time job to be the Director of Youth Ministry at St. Patrick’s. Paige is living out her dream job and is falling deeper in love with The Lord each day.