We want witnesses to mentor the young members of our parish!

Our parish is always open to receiving adults who wish to serve on our Faith Formation Core Team. Modeled by Christ and His disciples, we believe that building meaningful relationships with children and teens is an essential part of ministry. When the love of God is communicated to our youth through a meaningful relationship with adult leaders and their peers, real spiritual growth can take place in a young person’s life.

Our Faith Formation Core Teams is made up of men and women who desire to deepen their personal relationship with Christ to then serve our children and teens in faith formation from Pre-K to High School. We offer ongoing formation for our core team members to help them continually grow personally, spiritually, and pastorally throughout the year.  We give them the tools to be witnesses, teachers, and mentors for the youth of our parish.

If you feel called to serve the young members of our parish community, please contact us.  We will be happy to meet with you to help discern your calling to this ministry!